ROSTOK: Bring Your Ideas to Life
Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to win.

The ROSTOK project aims to develop a culture of ecological burial of pets with the help of its own development, the first in Russia bio-urn for ashes of pets in Russia with a system of planting seedlings "ROSTOK URN PETS"
(patented development, has an ecological certificate of conformity) and creation of a network of the first alternative to spontaneous pet cemeteries —Memory Parks, where trees grow instead of graves

Hi! My name is Mariia, I'm 18 y.o., living in a small Siberian town and... It's been two years since I became a founder of The ROSTOK project. During it's existence, it has attracted more than 5 million rubles in grants, made more than 1,000 sales and won many Russian national competitions.

I proved that it is possible to establish a successful eco-startup before adulthood and my team continues to reach new horizonts!
September 2022
Less than a year after beginning and the first serious viсtory — The ROSTOK projest is a winner of The International Startup Accelerator by Skolkolo community
The idea of the ROSTOK project arose in preparation for a scientific conference. The problem of a large number of illegal animal burials in Russia and problems in the legislation regarding animal burials was discovered. In December 2021 the idea was all I had. Let's find out what happened after that:
Our first team of three people (a leader, an environmental technician and an SMM) came into being after winning a grant competition from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. A prototype of a bio-urn was created with invited scientific group and the first 600 bio-urns were created: they were given free of charge to needy citizens, pet-shelters, and veterinary centers. It was for our testing of MVP.

New victories
After beginning our work on the grant, we began a serious dialogue with the county veterinary service about organizing Russia's first Pet Memorial Park. A cooperation agreement was reached and we received permission to improve the land plot
(construction works will start in 2025)
In two years of work we have won 6 All-Russian competitions, two accelerators and received the "Green Award" of the Russian Environmental Operator for our contribution to the environment. We have been featured in the news on a federal channel, more than 30 public articles have been published mentioning us and we even starred in a podcast!

Now the ROSTOK project has the most prestigious status for startups in Russia — the Skolkovo resident status. This is a guarantee of the project's high level of technological sophistication
Now the project, which was born out of a simple desire to do a good deed for the benefit of society, has turned into a startup that brings money and interesting experience to our team: we have regular sales, and we often become guest experts and speakers at youth business conferences.
I believe RYEP is able to help me expand my view of the world, share international experience and finalize the concept of expanding my project.

Sincerely, Mariia Kotik
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